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168 Images & Illustrations in The Black Light Book

Good news…after nearly a year of no stock, The Black Light Book is back in print.

This new expanded 2008 5th edition of The Black Light Book authored by Mark Chervenka, publisher of the 2007 Antique Trader Guide to Fakes & Reproductions includes an 8 page color section and over 168 photos and illustrations in 116 pages. Better and brighter opaque white pages and full color stiff wraps.

It’s still the only title on using ultraviolet light to test for fakes, reproductions, damages and repairs of antiques, art and collectibles but now includes material of interest to a much wider audience. It truly is what is a black light used for book.

This latest how to use a black light edition expands coverage of many issues widely featured in today’s national news and public concern. There is in depth coverage of how to detect digital fakes like driver licenses, money orders, travelers checks, currency and other images manipulated with computer software with the use of a ultraviolet led blacklight.

An entirely new chapter discusses how to use black lights to kill infectious germs, viruses, bacteria and detect common pests such as head lice and scorpions. With the exploding growth of internet auctions sales, readers are shown how they can protect themselves from fraud with the use of invisible inks and tracing powders. You can migrate from our site to our sister site The Blacklight Shop to see a variety of blacklights now on sale and with free shipping. This is a must have "How to use a Black Light Book." if you want to be knowledgeable about the many uses of ultraviolet.

There is a chapter relating how to detect household pest and pet stains and how to detect mold and disinfect surfaces at home and buildings. You will discover another chapter that will help you confirm authenticity of gems and minerals along with a gem identification chart showing the fluoresce characteristics of individual gems

For the Ivory and Bone collectors you will be made aware of how to separate genuine ivory and bone from fakes and imitations and many other practical easy-to-do tests anyone can perform.

After navigating through our website we hope we have shown you the viewer what an important part that THE BLACK LIGHT BOOK can play in your everyday living using this wonderful guide.

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